European camping at its best

We’re now on day 4, and so far it has rained Every.  Single.  Day.  You’d think after growing up on Eurocamp holidays I’d be used to this, but come on. It’s nearly July for God’s sake! (You may remind me of this when we get to Asia and I switch to complaining that it’s too hot)

Update – day 6 now (I keep getting distracted by the campsite bars instead of finishing this post), and we have now had one rain free day!  Nearly 2, but it just started pelting it down again 5 minutes ago.  The cafe I’m sitting in was empty when I got here – it’s stuffed to the gills with rain dodging tourists now. Aaand my washing is hanging outside back at the tents.  Poop.

Hopefully, if the photo attaching works (maybe I should have practiced this before I set off?), that is a photo taken in one the brief interludes without rain – I mean that in all seriousness, it was pissing it down the first time we were all pitching our tents then stopped as soon as we were all done.  The first night we were all squished up in a campsite somewhere in Belgium.  That’s me in the middle!  I look small, but about 6 people have the same tent as me, which is lucky as I got to watch them set up while I was getting in a pickle on my own.  I’m not completely sure where as the first couple of days were entirely driving days so we never really knew what our progress was until yesterday.  I’m now on country number 5 (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria) so we’ll be done with Europe and onto the hot countries soon!


Although it was a bit gruelling to start of the trip of a lifetime with 2 solid days of just sitting in the bus, it did at least give us a chance to get to know each other before our first sightseeing trip – a 3 hour stop in Germany before carrying on to Austria to visit Dachau concentration camp.  Hmm. A nice cheerful stop.  The alcohol when we arrived in Austria was almost compulsory after that.


After wandering around depressing myself I started wondering if maybe this was a strategic first stop to make us realise how lucky we were that we at least got some privacy on the toilets, even if the tent situation isn’t always peachy.  And let’s not even mention worrying about going several days without getting in a shower.

Yes, bad taste, I know.  But hey, it’s only people I know reading this blog and you’re all obliged to like me anyway :P


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