Ups and Downs

I’m currently in Budapest, Hungary, having just spent two nights in (well, outside) Salzburg, Austria.  We were staying in a lovely campsite – soft ground, lots of space, hot showers, pleasant little village with chocolate box houses and snowy mountains in the background.  You know, the kind of place you feel safe.  Half our group has been robbed.  I woke up cold to find that both my inner and outer doors had been zipped open about 6 inches. I managed to convince myself that someone had come back from the bar a bit pissed, forgotten which of the tents was theirs and then hurriedly backed off when they found someone in it.  Didn’t think anything else of it until I woke up later to the sounds of people talking about their tents being unzipped as well, or worse, slashed open and cash, phones and iPads being stolen – our tour leader even had her purse nicked from beneath her pillow.  I feel extremely fortunate that nothing of mine has gone, I reckon I must have rolled over being a light sleeper (constant fidgeter) and the thief thought I was awake.  Luckily most people have possessions covered in their travel insurance and even more luckily no passports were stolen.  We all commiserated by buying super cheap alcohol in the first supermarket in Hungary and turning the truck into a party bus after dinner with Lauren’s enormous speaker and several people’s flashing head torches as disco lights :)

Anyhoo, in more pleasant news, we’ve now had 2 free days to do some actual sightseeing rather than just bouncing around on the bus.  I can’t say Salzburg made much of an impression on me – maybe if I was a Mozart or Sound of Music fan, or if it hadn’t been raining, but it was still fun to wander around chatting to people, and not having to eat in a service station for once (I celebrated adulthood by having apple strudel for lunch, without having any vegetables first)


One very soggy Hannah at Salzburg fortress, where it started raining as soon as we had climbed to the top

Budapest I’ve been to before, so I allowed myself a nice relaxed morning catching up online and doing laundry (which of course got drenched in the rain) while everyone else went into town.  I then went off on an aimless ten minute wander around the back of the campsite which turned into a 3 hour hike through the woods when I realised from the markings on the trees that I was following a trail and wanted to find out where it led.  In a bit of a jackpot of mystery walks, I eventually ended up on top of Janos Hill (there were signs at that point obviously) at the Erzsebet lookout tower, with panoramic views over all of Budapest and beyond – not bad for an unplanned morning.



I then lazily wandered into the city for what I predict will come to be a tradition of pudding for lunch, and a quick look round the cheap and tiny, but rather cute Marzipan Museum.  I had intended to do a bit of wandering after that, but it started absolutely tipping it down so I gave up and effectively came all the way into town for a two room museum and a slice of cake.  Pfft, still worth it as far as I’m concerned. Since I don’t have recent pictures of the actual buildings – the Marzipan museum is behind the real version of this! (there were lots of marzipan buildings, obviously)


Onwards again tomorrow – this is an experiment in delayed posting, so hopefully by the time this uploads it will be Sunday and I will be in Romania, fictional home of Count Dracula and more worryingly, the actual home of this guy
For those of you who have not yet discovered the joys of Eurovision, you are welcome ;)


2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. and another thought…safest place for valuables at night might be at the bottom of your sleeping bag beneath your toes?
    and a suggestion for tent alarms: head for the nearest haberdashery and buy a bag of bells (little round ones) to attach to zips with string. Should put off thieves nicely.

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