Do Not Enter the Garden

Sunday 21st of June – 4 weeks away from home!  Today I have been learning about carpets and my likelihood of surviving in the Turkish wilderness.

We were offered a trip into town today to watch a carpet weaving demonstration – obviously they were going to try and sell us carpets afterwards but Karen assured us (quite rightly) that they weren’t at all pushy, and there was a free lunch involved which obviously made the decision for me.  Despite yet another hangover the weaving demo was pretty interesting.  They sold three types of carpets – kilims which don’t have a pile, the pattern is woven in instead, sumac (it sounded like that but I didn’t get a spelling) which were kilims with added embroidery and the regular tufted carpets.  Apparently Turkish carpets are the only ones made with double knots, Persian carpets are single knotted and therefore wear out faster – when he told us that the finer silk ones have 12 million double knots per square metre and take up to seven years to make the four figure prices suddenly sounded outrageously cheap.  After showing some of our more sober companions how to make the knots on the loom, they started rolling out seemingly endless samples of carpets they could ship home for us.  Quite a few of our group did buy carpets, but tempting as it was, I wasn’t one of them.  Somehow I think it may be useful to have a home before I start buying furnishings for it.  Then again, I could just buy a big rug and prop it up wih some sticks and just live in a fort instead of a house.


Kate learning to double knot


The evergrowing pile of flying carpets.

This evening, after my second siesta of the day, I joined Graham, Alex and Steve for a bizarre hike through the Rose Valley.  I say bizarre because close to the beginning we passed a tent which inexplicably had a chainsaw lying in it, and then we kept passing creepily repetitive graffiti warning us not to enter the garden, so we spent most of the hike speculating on who would die first if we were actually walking into a horror movie.  I may have sealed my fate by not only entering the garden, but stealing an apricot from one of the trees (it would have been worth it, Turkey has good apricots.)  Since we also had an Aussie with depth perception issues who would clearly run away from something straight off a cliff, and an ex-army boy who is therefore honour bound to get himself killed doin something stupid, I reckon Alex had the best chances for crawling out of the valley alive.


Don’t look so worried Alex, you’re our survivor!

Other than that, it was a good hike, and I’m happy to report that no homicidal Turks followed us back to the campsite, although I am setting this up to publish a few days after I write it, so by the time you’re reading this I may have succumbed to the alien parasites in the apricots and murdered all my truckmates.






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