Being childish in Persepolis

Jesus today was hot.  It was already 5 by the time we hit our destination but it must have still been in the high 40s – that’s not especially fun in a headscarf with no shade.  Also my curtain tent shrank in the wash so I now have to wear an extra scarf around my waist as a modesty panel so my ‘wanting area’ is still covered up (yep, it’s definitely us women doing the wanting here…)

Anyhoo, I managed to shuffle round our sightseeing spot for the day – Persepolis, an ancient Persian city which (very imaginatively) translates as ‘Persian City’.  It did have another name – which I can’t remember – but apparently the archaeologists/tourist board thought that was far too complex.  Not a whole lot of information in English, but I can tell you that this was once Xerxes’ gaff, and Alexander attacked it.  Excellent history lesson from Professor Sturdy.  You’re welcome.


Sweating like hell at the Gate of All Nations


I remember seeing one of these winged centaurs at the British museum when I was about 7 and being awestruck, so seeing them in situ is pretty cool.  And of course because I have greatly matured since that day…


Dangly horseman bollocks!  Heeheehee


Speaking of maturity, isn’t that a pretty scabbard?


Spreading the local gossip


And finally, the only depressingly accurate male/female sign I’ve seen in Iran


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