The High Life


One solitary shot from Koh Samui. Ooh. Arty. (It’s a leftover lotus leaf candle from the full moon ceremony by the way)

I have been incredibly lazy and uncultured since leaving Koh Tao so I can tell you almost nothing about either Koh Samui or Kuala Lumpur. My activities were almost entirely limited to things I could have done at home. Bowling! Drinking! Mini golf! Cinema! Drinking! Archery! Shopping! More drinking! Ah, this is clearly what being a true traveler is all about.

The sole proper tourist sight I saw in Malaysia was the Petronas Towers (OK, I went to the orchid garden and butterfly park too, but flowers and butterflies are almost as interesting as photos of people playing mini golf. Yes, I realise my last post was all photos of fish, but fish are cool). If I had been paying attention I could tell you that they are owned by Blah and Blah and cost blah amount to build and is blah metres high, but I forgot all that as soon as the guide stopped talking.

Instead we oooohed,


We aaaahed,


We enjoyed the views (this is the view while sitting on the toilet by the way, top notch)


But mostly we amused ourselves by turning the towers into boobs on the augmented reality screens. Because we’re all twelve years old.



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