Things I learned from Singapore zoo – a series of highly educational facts


Singapore zoo has the only polar bear born in Asia.


The beloved Ah Meng, zoo mascot and general orangutan superstar was made a special tourism ambassador in 1992, making her the only non human ambassador.


It takes 10 pygmy hippos to match the weight of a Nile hippo. Given that almost everything is more appealing in miniature, I would rather like a pet pygmy hippo.


Fruit bats do indeed understand gravity. I once received a charming birthday card (from a much younger friend, who finds it hilarious to make ‘haha, you’re old’ jokes) starring two bats hanging upside down. The first one said ‘what do you fear most about old age?’ to which the second replied ‘incontinence’. Well, one of the bats here joyfully demonstrated to me that yes, they do swing themselves the right way up when nature calls.


The nipple brinjal is also known as cow’s udder or titty fruit because of its interesting shape. Heh.


Mint can be used as flea bait. It attracts and then overpowers the fleas, suffocating them to death. However, I don’t have a photo to demonstrate this, so please enjoy this orangutan family.


Koalas are gross.


If you see a steep section of path, it is advisable to slide down it on your bum with your arms in the air. Preferably shouting ‘WHEEEEEEE!’


Otters can be trained to recycle. This was part of the show at the night safari – a naughty raccoon knocked over a trashcan, so a trio of otters came and helped the presenter put the rubbish away in the correct recycling bins. I think they’re already pretty much the cutest animals ever so this slayed me. Otters doing tricks? Otters doing environmentally aware educational tricks? Death by cuteness.


If you are in need of the antidote to death by cuteness, take four glow in the dark scorpions and call me in the morning.


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