Back in the Blue

A short ferry crossing from Bali and just off the coast of Lombok is the diving paradise of the Gili islands. There are 3 islands, but given that the diving is fixed price and they are all close enough together to share dive sites, I went to the easiest to get to – Gili Trawangan.  Perhaps if I’d been a little more discerning about my time on dry land I would have gone to Gili Air but I wasn’t really thinking of anything but underwater when I was booking. After my first night I ended up moving from a really noisy hostel (not much fun when you’re getting up early to dive) to a much quieter homestay with bedbugs (not much fun ever). Still, aside from the sleeping arrangements I had a great time with my dive buddies – I met up with Hilje, who I shared the batik class with in Ubud and Timo, who I met in Ko Tao.

I did start to think I was a bit jinxed with the diving, as I went to a site known as Turtle Heaven without seeing any turtles and Shark Point without seeing any sharks, but by the end of the week I had managed to spot 4 green turtles, and I sort of saw a white tip reef shark. Unfortunately I’m just as fascinated by the reef fish as I am by the big stuff, if not more so, so I was busy staring in the wrong direction at a pair of dart fish until my dive leader swam up and grabbed me to turn me round before the shark disappeared. It was a fair way in the distance before I spotted it. Oh well. Dart fish are still cool. There are also tons of lion fish and puffer fish in the Gilis, as well as clown fish, trigger fish, file fish and barracuda. I even managed to spot some almost invisible shrimp which I was pretty proud of, though it was tricky to tell what kind they were.

I have a total of zero photos from Gili T, mainly because I was underwater but also because I hadn’t yet realised that my camera wasn’t working, so you get a bunch of photos swiped from the interwebs again.


Green turtle


White tip reef shark


Lion fish


Fire dart fish


Red toothed triggerfish


Long nose filefish


Chevron barracuda


Golden back anthias



Apologies, I’m not feeling as creative as I was after Ko Tao (what’s Christmas for if not being lazy?), so no song this time. Feel free to leave one in the comments if you feel so inclined.


One thought on “Back in the Blue

  1. Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Hannah who?
    Hannah partridge in a pear tree

    To be sung (of course)

    From a list of “bad”cracker jokes!

    Happy Christmas!

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