Underground, overground, wandering free

I didn’t have any plans after the Cameron highlands so when I headed to the bus station and saw that my options were Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh, I picked Ipoh purely because I hadn’t been there yet. I don’t think a lot of tourists come to Ipoh, there certainly aren’t a lot of budget hotels, but it does have the largest cave in peninsular Malaysia, Tempurong.

By the way, the long distance buses in Malaysia are the best I’ve ever had. The seats are almost wide enough for two and so far apart that I can stretch out my legs and not touch the seat in front. By the time I’m writing this I’ve come back through Thailand and into Laos, and my God I miss those buses.



This was the last photo my camera could cope with before we got too far away from the natural light. You can’t go into the cave without a guided tour (there are several to chose from), but I somehow ended up getting a private one. They were all supposed to be minimum four people so I asked at the entrance whether there was one already running that I could join and I don’t think the ticket seller quite understood because my guide was as surprised as me to find I was the only one. Didn’t pay any extra though, so happy Hannah. It was a highly informative tour, so probably a good thing I’m not a serious geologist.

‘Here are some crystals’
‘What kind of crystals are they?’
‘Beautiful crystals’

After Ipoh I headed up to Pulau Langkawi with my usual no plans, followed by crossing the Thai border on the way up to Koh Lanta. I met a Chinese guy called Alex on Langkawi and had a fun few nights introducing him to duty free cider (not sure why, but Langkawi is duty free and therefore a cheap booze haven) and comparing fit blokes on the beach. Other than that I have mostly come to the conclusion – not much of a revelation since I was already of this opinion – that beaches are kinda boring if you’re not diving off them.

Here are a couple of sunset photos for you weirdos who actually do like beaches.



P.S. Have now tried durian. It is beyond disgusting. It tastes like a mixture of raw onion and natural gas with a squishy stringy texture. Alex liked it, because he is odd. Ugh.


One thought on “Underground, overground, wandering free

  1. I’m not sure I would get the courage to try Durian , your braver than me Hannah , I think the smell would put me off !

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