An ode to my one true love

O heed ye and learn ye, on all of life’s journey
Explore every country for things that taste nice
My taste buds are fizzing for all Asian cuisine
My eyes have been opened by noodles and rice

I won’t be in a hurry to forget about curry
Rambutans, mangosteens, weird fruit galore
I’ve gone way beyond Pad Thai from Bangkok to Shanghai
I just couldn’t stop myself tasting some more

Ramen and maki and sweet teriyaki
The flavours of Asia may make my heart sing
But despite all my eating, devotion is fleeting
A holiday romance, a short spicy fling

Now homelands remind me of good things behind me
To my one true love I must pen this homage
Although I did leave thee, I’m back to retrieve thee
My constant beloved, my pure sweet fromage

O glorious feta, you make the world better
My daydreams are filled up with stiltons and bries
I just Camembert-y a life without dairy
Ah Europe is Gouda, the land of the cheese.

So yeah, I’m back in Europe, where sadly I have to limit eating out to once a day lest I run out of money to get home and have to live in a box in Latvia, but happily where self catering involves plenty of cow based goodness.

Hostels are somewhat easier to feed yourself in than long train journeys – there’s only so much fresh food you can take, so on the almost 3 day trip out of Irkutsk I started off gleefully stuffing myself with fresh bread and cheese on the first day, but by the third day had discovered that the only thing more depressing than instant noodles was instant mashed potato. I have however had people sharing my compartment this time – the lady I shared with for the first day didn’t speak a word of English but kept babbling on to me for ages anyway. She also insisted on sharing her food with me but didn’t want to take any of mine in return. I considered it a personal victory when I got her to accept a single cherry tomato.

On my way West I’ve stopped in Yekaterinburg and Perm. They…aren’t the most cosmopolitan places, and the tourist attractions are somewhat lacking in English so I probably stayed too many nights in each, but they’re decent places to break up the journey for a day each. Both of them have self guided walking tours (painted on the pavements so you can’t get lost), which mostly walk around the historical buildings in the cities, with bits and pieces of street art in between.







Now if you don’t mind there’s half a wheel of brie in the bridge calling my name.


3 thoughts on “An ode to my one true love

  1. I’ve been enjoying my virtual trip around the world and think that you should print out all the blog and photos and get Holly to make a book of it all .

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